Janitorial Consulting
We identify our clients’ current and future objectives, establish long term vendor partnerships and procure service programs with a built in focus on savings.

Program Review


Site Survey

We start by reviewing floor plans and conducting a site tour to identify floor surface types, special usage areas, unit counts, cleanable square footage, etc.


Evaluation of Current Scope & Service Levels

Many clients believe they have no choice but to accept substandard performance. We analyze hundreds of service programs a year and rate delivery in terms of industry standards while setting the initial baseline to measure improvements based on our findings and recommendations


Lease Review

We examine all cleaning and common area charge provisions to identify building ownership obligations and enforce your service rights


Labor and Associated Cost Analysis

Understanding the cost is a key element to any price negotiation. We allocate the staff, equipment and supplies necessary to perform the scope and know market specific union and non – union labor costs to negotiate on a level playing field


Vendor Profit Review

We advise you on local fair profit guidelines and you decide the appropriate vendor profit percentage target


Alternative Program Suggestions

Our experts rate all service tasks in terms of importance and cost and discuss each recommendation with you to determine efficiency value


Alternative Contract Models

We explain the various types of vendor agreements in terms of key elements, participant roles and responsibilities, as well as the inherent advantages and disadvantages of each, so you can make an informed decision


Savings Analysis

We identify the financial savings associated with implementing our program suggestions at each phase of the project process

Program Development (outsourced)


Specification Determination

We develop client specific tasks, frequencies, methods and hours of operations to achieve the most value


Vendor Prequalification

We use mutually agreed upon best fit guidelines to select vendor candidates


RFP Process

Our experience in all phases of the bid process allows us to offer the most comprehensive and guaranteed results


Target Price Determination

We determine the appropriate program price, independent of price submissions, to identify fair profit margins as well as potential vendor mistakes


Bid Response Leveling & Evaluation

We analyze each response and investigate omissions and references to provide a “Quick View Summary” detailing vendor ranking and differentiators


Vendor Selection

Each firm is interviewed in terms of corporate support functions, value added programs and strategic benefits in addition to the specifics of their price response


Program Transition

Our “Start Up” plan insures a positive first impression by detailing vendor accountability assignments for each task necessary to complete a successful transition along a two month time line beginning one month before the job start

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Program Development (In House)


Operational Components

We ensure all standard and replacement labor, equipment, supplies, etc. are allocated and all necessary arrangements are made


New Occupancy or Transition from Outsourced Provider

Our “Start Up” plan for in house programs is an expanded version of our outsourced plan.


Administrative Procedures

Many clients underestimate the record-keeping, payroll, customer service, union relations, employee discipline, training, etc. components of an in house program. Our experts can support your team to any degree; from simple advice along the way to complete oversight



Labor and supply costs vary throughout the year based on user requirements, service worker vacation and sick replacement schedules, benefit program payments, etc. Our forecasts include all entries and eliminate any surprise costs.

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We can also provide similar consulting services in the areas of integrated facility services, security, engineering, mechanical, lighting, and more.

Specialized Focus Areas


Price Escalation / Base Year Analysis

All vendor price increase requests are required to include full disclosure support data. Our analysis verifies all entries and maintains current vendor profit margins.


CAM Charges

We perform a complete examination of common area maintenance charges in terms of staff assignments and operational methods


Green Cleaning Programs

We design programs or work with your provider to introduce and measure the benefits of green chemical products and supplies, preferred equipment, green paper products and preventive waste reduction measures.


Chemical Free Cleaning

We keep our clients up to date on ever improving cleaning methods and appropriate applications


Sustainable Day Cleaning

We provide our recommendations for partial or full daytime service as well as our findings on the financial, security, customer satisfaction and corporate social responsibility advantages of each


LEED Qualification

We work with your cleaning vendor to earn green cleaning points toward certification



Our exhaustive data base allows for a comparative analysis of productivity, billing rates and solutions across markets and usage requirements


Lease Cleaning Provisions

One of the best ways to save money when taking new space is to negotiate your service terms before signing the lease. Our experts provide industry acceptable Landlord Services and Cleaning Exhibit terms that maximize up front value and eliminate many after occupancy charges


Work Loading

Our experience engineering programs from the ground up in all types of applications allows us to achieve maximum productivity rates and the most prudent staff for your assignment


Program Standardization

Clients with multiple locations benefit from our experience assigning service specifics based on space usage requirements


Staff Adjustment Negotiations

Some of our most successful case studies involve our operational, legal and labor relations expertise to present “no increased work load” arguments


Service Worker / Supervision Training

Our classroom and field certification process ensures productivity while stressing safety at all levels


Quality Improvement Inspection / Performance Monitoring Programs

Scheduled and unannounced site audits using our mobile app system provide the uploaded images and reporting and tracking measures necessary to improve service and support credit claims for deficiencies


Performance Based Outsourcing

Many clients adapt one of our numerous reward / penalty contract structures designed to tie vendor payments to customer satisfaction levels