JAG Competitive Advantages
Our offering utilizes industry operational expertise to secure savings that far exceed those typically realized through traditional procurement techniques, competitive consulting firms or alternate audit procedures.


Operational Review

Our process incorporates various evaluation criteria in addition to costs including service make up and delivery, incumbent and competitor differentiators, technology, lease requirements, union staffing and contract models.


Management Experience

Our managers have local and national service backgrounds and real estate industry experience. We win arguments while preserving customer objectives, vendor relationships and location harmony issues.


Project Qualification and Proposal

We employ all up front measures necessary to ensure our partnership will produce sufficient results and request only a minor time commitment from your staff throughout the process


JAG Report

Our deliverables are tailored to the customer requirements and include extensive and detailed findings, recommendations and negotiation strategies, as well as support data for all our conclusions

Jag Guarantees

Impartial Evaluation

We do not perform facility services and have no affiliation with any service organization. Our analysis is impartial and provides validation of current procedures as well as service improvement points


JAG Partnership Model

We ensure vendors earn a fair profit to protect you from vendor bid mistakes or omissions, contract disputes or vendor false or low bid strategies

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Union Contract Knowledge

Our managers understand union contract language and are well equipped to oversee any negotiations concerning labor or productivity adjustments.


Success Stories

Our references are extensive across services lines and markets and include many follow up assignments where we were able to find significant savings after an initial review by alternate methods or competitors.

RFP Process

Our goal is to avoid transition anxiety and implement program adjustments with the incumbent vendor. In those cases where a bid is necessary, we are equipped to assist your team in all phases of the process.


On Going Commitment

We stay on after the financial savings model is put in place to assist with quality control inspections, occupancy and usage adjustments, vendor invoice review, price increase settlements, program reevaluation, etc.

JAG Service Guarantee

We stay on the project until you are satisfied the process is complete and savings are maximized


JAG Price Guarantee

We are committed to our pricing targets and finding a qualified vendor for the pricing detailed in our report

How We Compare To Others

Organizations sometimes consider optional firm types to review their facilty programs only to be disappointed by the level of savings and program support services. Our savings results far exceed any option choice and pay exponential dividends in additional savings and value.

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Operational Review
Alternative Program Suggestions
Union Contract / Negotiation
Local Industry Knowledge
Lease Review
CAM / Porter Wage Analysis
Specification Development
RFP Process
Vendor Performance Monitoring
Green / Chemical Free Cleaning
Day Cleaning Programs
LEED Certification Qualification
Facility Services Consulting
Service and Price Guarantee

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JAG Differentiators

Client Self Performed RFP or Procurement Process

Our unique process reviewing supplemental janitorial service agreements is a proven method where typical procurement practices are unsuccessful and our ability to know the bottom out point on any cleaning contract eliminates traditional vendor practices that lead to service problems. Our process pays for itself and provides dividends in additional savings and value.

 Many end users simply do not have the time to conduct a RFP process that includes our comprehensive ground up approach and breaks away from using long standing templates that inherently focus on price, fail to incorporate an audit of lease provisions and eventually sacrifice service levels to reach pricing goals.

Internal Benchmarking

Many clients conduct internal evaluations of price points based on published industry standards or comparisons across locations. Our benchmarking incorporates additional allowances for operational improvements, varied usage and service delivery requirements, market specific industry and vendor factors and varied lease provisions.

Alternative Janitorial Consultants

In addition to our janitorial expertise and experience, we are qualified in the areas of lease interpretation, operating expenses, common area charges and janitorial industry pricing models and uniquely positioned with no building ownership or management conflicts; a key issue when pursuing lease provision enforcement.

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Audit / Advisory Firms

We provide an extensive and thorough analysis incorporating all the operational advantages that make up the majority of a complete program review and offer RFP skills and program follow up measures to ensure pricing and service success.

 Some audit and advisory procedures learn the natural progression to review service and cleaning agreements when evaluating common area charges only to submit limited results focused on lease duplication and accounting issues.

Audit / Advisory Firms Working With Janitorial Support

We partner with many firms offering our janitorial consulting services as a natural extension of their platform and mandate those alliances are structured to support our comprehensive offering.

 Avoid the many pitfalls clients experience with competitors who


  • Do not use service line support having our level of janitorial expertise
  • Employ support as a subcontractor with no partner commitments to complete projects
  • Minimize the support’s direct client involvement, making it impossible for them to understand the client’s culture and objectives
  • Employ janitorial support with unknown conflicts representing building owners or managers

Service Company Suggestions

Our involvement eliminates vendor agendas and provides unbiased and proven solutions.

 Relying on program adjustment suggestions from current or outside service providers is rarely impartial; it creates opportunities for the incumbent to improve their profit margin or the outside vendor to discredit your current contractor.