Facility Services Consulting
We provide support in a wide range of associated service areas

Integrated Facility Services


Local and national facility service programs are evaluated in terms of bundling benefits and customer culture



Our recommendations include staffing levels, post assignments and wage scales sufficient to minimize turnover, while our due diligence verifies background checks, training and standard operating procedures

Engineering / Mechanical


On site and route, preventive and on-going, maintenance and repair solutions are efficiently staffed to protect your structural, HVAC, electrical, energy and plumbing assets.

Energy Management/Lighting


Our industry professionals assist the management of lighting systems and support design, installation, periodic maintenance program and service requests

Specialty Services


Metal and marble maintenance, carpet care, window cleaning, wood restoration and maintenance, upholstery and fabric cleaning and other cleaning services requiring specialized training levels are managed through flexible contract and one time service options

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For all types of facilities and commerce



Our commitment to tenants and corporate end users ensures there are no conflicts when dealing with ownership



We screen providers for proven track records of worker safety and training

Higher Education


Our programs for colleges and universities build in different and changing service scopes for classrooms, offices, dorms, sport venues, etc. at different times of the year

Retail and Malls


Our solutions to the challenges of maintaining a high traffic environment are proven to enhance the customer experience and improve loyalty

Hotels and Hospitality


We understand the significantly different approaches for cleaning common area vs. room segments, as well as their impact on occupant satisfaction.



Medical cleaning services must effectively eliminate germs while using non – toxic and less chemical options to avoid contributing to environmental impact

Airports and Transportation Terminals


High volume, 24 /7 facilities have ever increasing labor and security concerns